The Ultimate Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Tired of your dog eating too fast? Need a better alternative to reduce indigestion and dog bloat? Introducing the vet approved innovative Superfeedy Slow Feeder Dog Bowl for healthier and happier dogs.

Superfeedy - The Ultimate Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Everything You Need To Know About A Slow Feeder Pet Bowl

If you’re new to the concept of slow feeder dog bowls, one of the biggest benefits you’ll notice right away is how it is specifically engineered to slow your dog down to a natural eating pace at mealtime. The slow feeder dog bowl is a modified feeding bowl with built-in obstructions that slow down the intake of food by your dog. You can choose from a variety of puzzle patterns, levels of difficulty, and sizes to meet your dog's age, skill level, and nutritional needs.

The Best Slow Feeder For Dogs

With our Slow Feeder for dogs, you’ll also be able to dramatically reduce the effects of indigestion and bloating in your dog. Not only that, you’ll be more able to provide diet diversity for them.

Our Slow Feeder Pet Bowl has a suction cup grip, so your dog bowl will stay put and even the most intelligent dogs won’t be able to lift and tip it over to access food. The slow feeder dog bowl holds 10 cups of food.

Unlike most slow feed bowls, the Superfeedy Slow Feeder dog bowl comes with a slow feeder dog bowl that naturally slows your dog down at mealtime, as well as a reversible lick mat so your pet can enjoy a variety of delicious foods like purees, stews, or wet food. A slow feeder bowl with a reversible lick mat that can be used as a lid to double up as a dog-friendly travel bowl & food prep bowl for your canine adventures. Your dog will have a happier, healthier mealtime experience giving you peace of mind.

SuperFeedy - the slow feeder pet bowl

Dog Lick Mat

The reversible lick mat for dogs that comes with our slow feeder dog bowl is ideal for a snack or a full meal. Whether you’re feeding your dog purees, stews, wet food, dry food, or raw food meals, our dog lick mat has you covered.

With our reversible dog lick mat and slow feeder dog bowl, you can feed two different dogs at once, serve a variety of different dog food recipes, and entertain your dog with the mat’s double-textured surface. Adding a little challenge to your dog’s feeding will also help it to significantly slow down and provide canine enrichment.

Buy The Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Australia-Wide

A dog bowl slow feeder is simply a must-have for every dog owner. You can take home the best slow feeder dog bowl Australia has to offer today from Superfeedy!


Are Slow Feeder Bowls Frustrating For Dogs?

Slow feed dog bowls are designed to prevent dogs from inhaling their food too quickly, leading to improved digestion and decreased instances of indigestion, vomiting or choking and dog bloat,.

Your dog may find it challenging to use a slow feeding bowl. But this is largely the point. With a puzzle pattern designed in the bowl, and with food dispersed in hard-to-get spots, your dog has to use more effort and time to complete their meal.

How do I know if my dog needs a slow feeder bowl?

When it comes to your dogs feeding habits, it's important to pay attention to their behaviour and health.

A slow feeder dog bowl is a good investment for dog owners for many reasons. It would be a good idea to buy one if your dog:

  • Eats super quickly
  • Tends to choke while eating
  • Needs help digesting his food
  • Has a tendency to bloat
  • Occasionallyvomits after eating

In dogs that overeat and/or eat too fast, slow feeder dog bowls may prevent life-threatening conditions such as gastric torsions and twisted stomachs. As your dog chows down his food, they reduce his air intake, thereby reducing flatulence.

In addition to helping your dog eat slowly and correctly, the puzzle provides him with mental stimulation during mealtimes. Similarly, to how a dog in the wild makes an effort to get his next meal, problem solving mimics natural behaviour. In addition, it reduces boredom, excessive barking, and unnecessary chewing.