It all began with our competitive speed eaters, Marley & Belle.

Hey, I’m Ryan! The founder of Super Feedy.

The idea of designing a slow-feeder dog bowl to enhance my dogs' mealtime experiences was born from seeing them struggle with other slow feeders on the market. Deep down, I felt like everything in my life had led me to this moment. My professional background, blended with a rich tapestry of life experiences, seemed to naturally point me towards this. We believe that the world doesn’t need more products — what it does need is better solutions to existing problems. You can fail at what you don't want or take a chance at doing what you love.

(Looking back, it was pretty ballsy of me to believe I had the right to throw my hat in the ring.)

The Super Feedy Story - Ryan
Marley & Belle, serious speed eaters

But you've got to understand something...

My own dogs, Marley & Belle, were serious speed eaters. To the point that I was terrified they were going to choke on their food.

I’d tried countless other slow feeder bowls. And time & time again I was let down because they were either A) made with flimsy, cheap materials, B) had overly-complicated Einstein puzzle designs that frustrated my dogs, and/or C) despite their claim of being “non-slip” would slide all over the place, creating heaps of mess.

One day, I’d had enough. I decided that if the slow feeder dog bowl I needed didn’t exist…I’d create it myself.

So that’s exactly what I did.

Our Motto is "For Your Dog's Health & Happiness"

The funny thing is…you were never even supposed to know Super Feedy existed.

Originally, I created it just for Marley & Belle. So I could make sure they were as happy and healthy as possible, and that their mealtimes were slower, calmer and ultimately more enriching.

In other words...creating the perfectly balanced mealtime experience.

But when friends and family came around my house and spotted the prototypes I was using, they asked to borrow it for their own dogs. Their reaction afterwards blew me away. These dog parents lovedit. All their stress, anxiety and worry over their speed eating pups was swept away practically overnight.

Which was when I had my lightbulb moment and began to understand the difference Super Feedy could offer to pet parents across Australia. 

Because if Super Feedy was helping my immediate circle of dog fanatic friends in Melbourne, why couldn’t it help other dog parents - just like you - with a better alternative?

We Walk Our Talk

At Super Feedy, four simple values guide everything we do:

  • Dogs Come First
  • Actively Give
  • Strive For Better
  • Absolute Honesty

We didn’t want to create “just another slow feeder”. We wanted to create a slow feeder dog bowl with a difference - that helped promote not only the health & happiness of dogs, but the health & happiness of our world too.

Which is why we’ve committed to using recycled plastic and packaging for our slow feeder. 

So we can all reduce our environmental pawprint, whilst making a tangible difference to the wellbeing of our dogs.

We also aim to contribute to our local and wider community whenever possible, whether that’s through monetary donations, getting hands-on with our volunteering or sharing education to empower pet parents.

Dogs Come First, Actively Give, Strive For Better, Absolute Honesty
Dogs Come First

Dogs Come First

The health and happiness of dogs comes first in everything we do at Super Feedy. Every decision we make and action we take comes back to our love for our dogs & giving them the best quality of life possible

Actively Give

Actively Give

We contribute to both our local and global community, supporting organisations like PetRescue whilst also freely and enthusiastically sharing education with our pet parent community

Actively Give

Strive For Better

We are always hungry to discover innovative and unique ways to improve the health & wellbeing of dogs, as well as finding ways to protect the health & wellbeing of our planet too

Dogs Come First

Absolute Honesty

We never make empty claims or promises. If we make a commitment to our community, we go the extra mile to walk the walk. Every day, we try our best to learn, improve & evolve, so we can be the people our dogs already think we are

We’re Starting Our Very Own Movement

Dogs offer us endless devotion. And at Super Feedy, we want to do what we can to repay all the love, loyalty and laughter they bring into our lives.

That’s why we’re determined to help educate dog parents on the benefits of slow feeding, and also empower them with the knowledge of how to prevent the risk of dog bloat too.

Most of all, we see a world where each dog feels loved, safe & enjoys every moment they spend by our sides.

They may only be in this world for a short time, but we’re going to make damn well sure that they feel treasured for every minute of it.

Transforming the World, One Rescue Dog at a Time

Although Belle and Marley aren’t rescue dogs, throughout our journey of building Super Feedy we’ve met a lot of amazing rescue pups.

(In fact, they’ve been crucial members of our doggo product tester panel!)

And we want to support shelters in offering these dogs the best lives possible.

Which is why we’ve partnered with PetRescue to donate $1 for every Super Feedy sold.

Our goal is to help ensure that these dogs can receive the medical care they need and be placed in loving forever homes. Our donation is a small way of showing our love for rescue dogs and appreciation for rehoming shelters across Australia. 

We hope to expand this support as Super Feedy continues to grow (and we hope that any future dogs we invite into the family are rescues too!)

Transforming the World, One Rescue Dog at a Time

How PetRescue is making a difference to the wellbeing of animals across Australia

PetRescue is a national animal welfare charity with a vision of a future where every pet is safe, respected and loved. The not-for-profit organisation delivers free pet search and adoption services to thousands of pet lovers every day.

Since the PetRescue website launched in 2004, it's been the first connection for more than half a million rescue pets and their new families.

Today, PetRescue’s free programs and services help millions of Australians discover the joy of adopting a new family member and help more than 950 rescue organisations, shelters, and pounds save the lives of thousands of rescue pets.

Could Super Feedy Be the Solution For Your Own Pup’s Speed Eating?

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