Five Simple Things You Can Do To Make Your Dog Happier

Coming home to a tail-wagging pup who misses us (even if we've been gone for only a few hours) is one of the best feelings in the world to us. There's nothing better than coming home to someone who loves us unconditionally and is (im)patiently waiting for us no matter how long we've been gone.

Happy doggo

In our daily life, our dogs make us happy, so what's to stop us from trying to do the same for them?

Check out these five simple ways to make your dog happier today.

1. Spend some quality time with them. 

Even though this tip might seem like common sense, it is easy to forget about our beloved pets when we are at work, trying to keep a social life and exercise routine, and trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Your pet deserves quality time with you. In any relationship, taking the time and effort to spend quality time with each other is essential. In a positive relationship, you will both be happier and more fulfilled if you work on creating and maintaining a strong bond with your dog.

Quality time with your dog

2. Regular exercise. 

It cannot be emphasized enough. It is important to ensure that your dog (or dogs - yay!) gets plenty of exercise every day, like a game of fetch. Get out your running shoes and go for a 30-minute walk or run in the park. Exercise can help maintain healthy bones and muscles, but it can also relieve stress and relax you after a long day. I'm sure being a dog is stressful as well!

Exercise with your dogs

3. Brain stimulation & mental exercises. 

Play with your dog, teach her new tricks, or take her to a new place full of surprises. To have a relaxed and happy dog, you must ensure that your dog is stimulated. Looking after your dog's mental well-being creates healthy minds and bodies that make them happy.

4. Provide a safe, healthy environment for your dog. 

You like coming home to a nice living room, a comfortable couch, and a relaxing atmosphere, and so does your dog! Here at Super Feedy, your dog's quality of life when it comes to slowing them down at meal time so they can eat safely and enjoy a healthy life is our number one priority.

Our Super Feedy slow feeder bowl & reversible lick mat is the perfect option if you want to treat your furry best friend. It's ideal for wet, dry, puree, and stewed foods and will keep your pup engaged and enriched. The lick mat can be used to serve healthy treats like strawberry and unsweetened yogurt.

Super Feedy 4-in-1 Slow Feeder Bowl

5. Interaction with other dogs. 

Canines are social animals who like to interact with people and other animals. Taking your dog to puppy school or a dog daycare might help him release some steam and reduce separation anxiety from missing you during the day.

Dogs having fun

Changing The Way Dogs Eat for Good!

As responsible pet parents, we know that you want to do everything to help. Living with a sick dog after a meal is no fun. Our two doggos, Marley and Belle, both like to eat fast! So we know exactly what it's like to live with a dog in pain and discomfort after eating.

We are introducing the Ultimate, Versatile 4-in-1 Slow Feeder Dog Bowl! We're excited this new slow feeder dog bowl combines modern design with innovative functionality. It's more than just a slow feeder. A slow feeder bowl that naturally slows your dog down at chow time, as well as a reversible lick mat so your pet can enjoy a variety of delicious foods like purees, stews, or wet food. An excellent bowl for easy delicious food prep and storage doubles as a dog-friendly travel bowl for your canine adventures.

Your dog will have a happier, healthier mealtime experience giving you peace of mind.