Challenge Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs About the 8 Minute Challenge

What exactly is the 8 Minute Challenge?

The 8 Minute Challenge is an initiative by Super Feedy to promote the benefits of slow feeding for dogs. Participants are encouraged to record their dogs eating from a slow feeder bowl.

Why, specifically, 8 minutes?

We think eight minutes is a balanced duration for mealtime. It ensures our dogs eat safely by reducing risks from fast eating while also keeping them engaged and excited. Remember, this is just a guide; the actual time might vary for your own dog based on factors like age, weight, and breed.

Why is slow feeding beneficial for dogs?

Slow feeding provides improved digestion, reduced risk of choking and bloat, enhanced mental stimulation, and better overall well-being. Visit to find out more.

Where can I learn more about the benefits of slow feeding?

Visit our landing page for detailed insights into the science and advantages of slow feeding. We also offer resources and articles for a deeper understanding on

Participation and Entries

I don't have an Instagram account. Can I still participate?

The 8 Minute Challenge is primarily hosted on Instagram. You’ll need an Instagram account to submit your video and be eligible for prizes.

Do I need a specific bowl to participate?

While we recommend the Super Feedy Marley Slowappy Slow Feeder Bowl for this challenge, any slow feeder bowl will do. The aim is to promote the benefits of slow feeding.

How do I submit my entry for the challenge?

Record your dog's mealtime with a slow feeder bowl and post the video as an Instagram Reel. Use the hashtag #SuperFeedyChallenge and tag us @superfeedy in the caption.

How long should the video reel be for the challenge?

The reel should capture the essence of the challenge. Ideally, it should be a 30-second representation of your dog's mealtime during the challenge.

Can I participate more than once?

Absolutely! You can submit multiple entries to highlight different meals or dogs. Every entry boosts your chance to win!

What if my dog finishes before or after the 8 minute mark?

No worries! The 8 minutes is just a guideline. The main aim is to promote slow feeding and ensure your dog has a safe and enriching mealtime.

What if my dog takes less or more than 8 minutes to finish their meal?

The 8 minutes is merely a suggested benchmark. You can still enter the challenge regardless of your dog's mealtime duration.

What video formats are acceptable for submission?

As the challenge is on Instagram, all video formats supported by the platform are suitable. Usually, MP4 and MOV files are best.

I'm having trouble uploading my video. What should I do?

Make sure your video adheres to Instagram's size and format guidelines. If problems persist, consult Instagram's help centre or try a different device.

Prizes and Eligibility

Are there prizes for participation?

Yes! Entrants can win our Ultimate Pup Bundle. Check our challenge page for detailed terms and conditions.


I accidentally uploaded the wrong video. Can I resubmit?

Yes, you can submit as many times as you like. If you believe another video better encapsulates the challenge, post it!

My video exceeds 30 seconds. Is that fine?

For this challenge, we advise a 30-second video. If it's a tad longer, ensure the main content showcases your dog's mealtime with the slow feeder bowl.