Transform Mealtime with the Super Feedy 8 Minute Challenge!

Introducing the 8 Minute Challenge by Super Feedy—a fresh approach to elevate your dog's dining! We've all watched our dogs gulp down their meals and felt the worry about the pain, discomfort, and potential risksthat can come with it.

This isn't about beating the clock; it's an invitation for you to share the benefits of slow feeding and its transformative effects on your dog's mealtime.

But why 8 minutes? For our pups, it hits the sweet spot. It's the right amount of time for them to eat safely and comfortably and truly enjoy their food. And while 8 minutes works for us, you'll find the rhythm just right for your dog.

Join our vibrant community of dog owners united in the quest for healthier and happier meal times. Share your stories, celebrate your successes, and learn from fellow dog lovers. Together, we're making every mealtime a better experience for our dogs.

Ready to share your story? Join the Challenge, and let's make a difference, one bowl at a time!

How to Enter the 8 Minute Challenge

Step One
Grab your slow feeder bowl (it can be the Super Feedy slow feeder bowl or a different brand if you prefer)

P.S. If you want to purchase our 4-in-1 slow feeder to take part, grab one for 10% off just by signing up to our newsletter below.

Step Two
Prepare your pup's favourite meal and add it to the slow feeder bowl (it can be wet or dry - whatever they love!)

Dog looking at food in slow feeder bowl
Dog eating from Super Feedy slow feeder bowl

Step Three
Give your pup their food & hit record on your phone/camera (make sure you're timing too.)

Step Four
Post a 30 second video of your dog eating from their slow feeder bowl & publish as an Instagram Reel with the caption #SuperFeedyChallenge

(In the caption, also tell us how long it took for your dog to finish their meal & tag us too @superfeedy.)

If you have any questions about the challenge, scroll to the bottom of this page for our FAQs.

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Terms & Conditions

Read the terms & conditions here.

The deadline for taking part in this challenge is Sunday 31st December 2023, 11:59pm


What You Could Win

Currently, our prize pool features:

  • 8 boxes of Big Dog Pet Foods raw patties
  • 200gm Gut Protect from CanineCeuticals, or
  • 500gm packet of Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22 from Wellbeing For Dogs
  • A copy of Bowie Drools Over The Alphabet Recipe Book by Master Bowie
  • 12 month pack - 375 box of Oh Crap poop bags
  • A Nug&Co Waterproof No-Pull Harness in your choice of colour and size.

But keep an eye on this space, as we'll be adding more prizes to the pool soon!

(Please note: the prize pool will continue to grow until the campaign end date. Winners will receive one of the prizes, not the entirety of the prize pool.)

Our Partners

Examples of Challenge Submissions

The Purpose of this Challenge

We didn't decide to create this challenge just to blow our own trumpet (although we do think our Marley Slowappy Slow Feeder bowl is pretty great.)

Instead, we wanted to help raise awareness about the many benefits slow feeding can invite into your pup's life.

Whether you choose Super Feedy to support your pup's slow feeding or not - our main goal is to get as many dogs slow feeding as possible.

Because here's just a few benefits of slow feeding...

Dog eating wet meal from Super Feedy slow feeder bowl


Read the Frequently Asked Questions here.