Nine simple dog enrichment ideas.

Getting started with canine enrichment doesn't have to be expensive. A lot of things can be done with items at home that you already have without buying enrichment toys!

Don't forget that enrichment should always be fun for your dog. Although it sounds easy, working with your dog's current skill level is crucial. You can make the challenges more difficult when your dog develops new skills and confidence. 

Your dog can play, chase, smell, chew, and scavenge with enrichment toys. Dogs naturally exhibit these behaviours to remain physically, emotionally, and mentally content.

The dogs that don't get enough mental stimulation will find other ways to "enrich" themselves... like chewing on the couch, sorting your garbage bin on the kitchen floor, and playing barking games late at night while you're relaxing.

Enrichment toys and treats complement each other well since virtually every dog enjoys tasty treats!

The most straightforward enrichment ideas are enough to slow down even the most voracious eaters. With these nine easy enrichment ideas, you can turn your two-second chomper into a 15-minute game. Our options have something for everyone.

1. Muffin tray and tennis balls

Muffin tray with tennis balls

Cover muffin trays with tennis balls after filling them with yummy treats.

Make it easy by covering the muffin tray with a bath mat, leaving a hole for you to see the treats or dry food through. You can use this to encourage your dog to start exploring and playing. Add a few tennis balls when they feel comfortable interacting with the tray.

Easy: Once they're done uncovering the tray. Place the tray inside a box!

Challenge: Cover the muffin tray inside the box with scrunched newspaper. 

Sit back and watch your dog search for his favourite treat!

2. Sandbox

Make your own sand box

Dogs dig naturally as part of their instincts. Occasionally, your dog might be digging because it is hot outside, and they want a cool place to lay down or simply because they dig out of boredom. But digging is bad for your lawn or garden. If you want to prevent your pup from digging, provide them with a sandbox. They can redirect their unwanted behaviours and channel their energy into a sandbox; this can become a good activity for dogs.

3. Rolled-up towels

Roll treats up in towels

Roll some treats inside a towel or bathmat, and let your dog discover the treats by unrolling them.

Easy:Place some food on the floor and cover it with a towel. Compliment your dog for interacting and moving the towel.

Challenge: Place the towel in a box or plastic container so it won't unravel easily. Have the pup interact with the towel to get treats.

4. Recycling pit

Cardboard boxes

Place loose cardboard boxes, empty toilet rolls, plastic bottles, scrunched-up towels, etc., in a large tub (kiddie shell pools work great for this) and sprinkle food/ treats throughout.

Easy:Reduce the number of items to scavenge through.

Challenge: Adding food to closed boxes; stuffing scrunched paper and food into tubes to create multiple small puzzles inside the bigger puzzle!

5. Lick mat

Super Feedy Lick Mat

When dogs are getting injections, we keep them occupied with this game. If you put them on the mat, dogs will take a long time licking off peanut butter, doggy mince, or their favourite wet food. We have a reversible lick mat with two textured patterns to double the enrichment and the fun of serving healthy treats. You can extend play time by freezing the lick mat with your dog's favourite frozen treat and let the canine enrichment games begin!

This is a great way to distract them when you need to clip your dog's nails or bathe them. Your dog may have separation anxiety if their destructive behaviour is more than just boredom. 

6. Scatter game

Scavenger hunt

Are you aware that dogs can benefit from sniffing physically and mentally? It helps their overall well-being and reduces the likelihood of them engaging in unwanted behaviours due to boredom or frustration.

Foraging is a dog's natural instinct, so instead of feeding him a cup of kibble in a bowl, scatter it around the lawns and let him find it with his nose! Create a scavenger hunt. Their sense of smell is fantastic and helps them problem solve, plus the physical exercise will burn off excess energy. The mental and physical stimulation of these activities makes for a well-balanced canine.

7. Transform their mealtimes

Super Feedy Slow Feeder Bowl

Consider transforming your dog's traditional mealtimes if you are indoors all day. As an alternative to providing food twice a day, measure their meals out for the entire day and distribute them in a fun manner.

You can turn mealtime into a game using Kong toys or puzzle feeders; there is a wide variety to choose from. 

8. Knotted Old Clothes Dog Toy

Old clothes

Repurpose old clothes you aren't going to wear anymore into dog toys! You don't even need to know how to sew! There are several ways to turn a T-shirt or ripped-up jeans into a dog toy by cutting and tying the fabric; you can add squeakers or tennis balls to make it more interesting. This is a great project to get the kids involved with, and it's very eco-friendly since you're reusing materials that would otherwise be thrown away!

When making dog toys from old fabric, wash the item first, remove the scents, and cut the fabric strips to make the toys look non-clothing-like. Practising "Leave It" and "Drop It" cues will help them release their energy. You should not use these DIY toys if your dog steals your clothes to chew on. Make sure you practice safe management to prevent items from being grabbed inappropriately.

9. Use a Slow Feeder Bowl

Super Feedy Slow Feeder Bowl

Does your dog morph into a canine version of "The Flash" when it's feeding time? My dogs and Belle and Marley have a real problem: they inhale their food at dinner time. They ate so fast a couple of times that they vomited afterwards. When it comes to mealtimes, the dynamic duo are speed eaters, and this causes discomfort that leads to health issues.

When your dog eats too fast, he swallows larger pieces of kibble without chewing and takes in air with each mouthful, and the worst-case scenario is that the air goes on down to their tummies and causes them to swell up and bloat. If they run around or play, they are at greater risk of flipping over their stomachs, causing a medical condition called GDV (gastric dilatation-volvulus). This life-threatening condition is a medical emergency that can also be fatal for dogs.

The best-case scenario would involve air travelling through their guts and coming out as flatulence - not too bad considering how much they enjoy eating anything insight (and digesting).

Using a slow-feed dog bowl at meal times is a good idea because it slows down the ingestion of food and prevents the worst-case scenario from playing out.


Providing your dog with canine enrichment activities or enrichment games is essential for their health. These activities offer a well-balanced dog with both mental (brain games) and physical stimulation.

A dog needs physical exercise and socialization to stay fit and healthy. The activities listed in this article might help your dog's daily routine during a short-term period, such as when you are ill or in terrible weather.

However, they are not designed to replace your dog's long-term walks. Since dogs are pack animals, they are social creatures that thrive on social interactions.

There should be a balance between physical activities and mental stimulation. Dogs need to move daily, and exercise such as fetch and running can increase their adrenaline levels. Taking part in mental enrichment activities can help balance out physical exercise.

Changing The Way Dogs Eat for Good!

As responsible pet parents, we know that you want to do everything to help. Living with a sick dog after a meal is no fun. Our two doggos, Marley and Belle, both like to eat fast! So we know exactly what it's like to live with a dog in pain and discomfort after eating.

We are introducing the Ultimate, Versatile 4-in-1 Slow Feeder Dog Bowl! We're excited this new slow feeder dog bowl combines modern design with innovative functionality. It's more than just a slow feeder. A slow feeder bowl that naturally slows your dog down at chow time, as well as a reversible lick mat so your pet can enjoy a variety of delicious foods like purees, stews, or wet food. An excellent bowl for easy delicious food prep and storage doubles as a dog-friendly travel bowl for your canine adventures.

Your dog will have a happier, healthier mealtime experience giving you peace of mind.