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Great size and multiple uses

I had difficulty finding large slow feeders for my greyhound and the Super Feedy is the perfect size! There is more than enough for her dinner potion, and as she is a dog that normally eats very fast this has been extremely helpful to slow her down.
The travel seal is great for taking food on the go - mostly for our beach trips. The suction bottom makes using the lick mat ideal and helps it stay put! The Super Feedy is a 5 star product.

Keeping My Dog Busy, One Lick at a Time!

I recently got my hands on the Super Feedy dog bowl for my dog, and it's been a game-changer! This bowl is so cool—it has a detachable silicone top that's two-sided. Plus, you can use the inner part as a travel bowl and a slow feeder.

What I love most about the Super Feedy bowl is how it keeps my dog entertained for ages. The design with all its grooves really challenges him and keeps him focused.

The only downside is that because of all those grooves, cleaning can be a bit of a chore. But honestly, it's totally worth it for the fun and mental stimulation it gives my dog.

Overall, I'd definitely recommend the Super Feedy bowl to anyone looking to keep their dog engaged and promote healthier eating habits. It's been a hit with my dog, and I think it could be a hit with yours too!

Great for super speedy eaters

These has made a huge difference for our two vacuum cleaner dogs - slows them down and they are less frantic - breakfast now takes a lot longer than 20 seconds and I can stop worrying about bloat or regurgitation - seem to be wearing well and easy to clean in dishwasher

Love it!

Great feeder, largest i've seen in the market, and takes my dogs about 10min to eat their food!!

Great slow feeder with licky mat cover

This slow feeder is perfect. Love it's size, in comparison with the others in the market. Also the licky mat cover is super useful to transport the foor but also an enrichemtn option. Would totally recommend!

The best slow feeder on the market

Finding a slow feeder big enough and challenging enough for my Malamute has been an expensive and long journey. The Superfeedy slow feeder comfortably holds his full dinner (and more) and slows him down the longest out of any slow feeder I have tried.

100% recommend

I am a professional dog trainer, my personal dogs and many of my training and boarding dogs are extremely fast eaters. I have been looking for the "perfect" slow feeder. I feel that I have finnaly found what I have been looking for. The capacity of the bowls is wonderful, the suction cup is the perfect design, overall I love them!! These are extremely versatile and durable! I got two of the super feedy slow feeders with lick mats and will absolitely be purchasing more and Reccomending to ALL of my clients and colleagues! The customer service is outstanding, my questions were answered in a timely manner and company goes above and beyond. I threw out all of the other slow feeders I was using. If you are looking for a slow feeder, look no farther! YouTube video placeholder
Good but not for short snouted dogs

The quality seems excellent. But our pittie mix can’t get to the food in the bottom and scrapes his nose raw trying to eat.

Slowed down the Inhale!

Definitely slowed down the feeding process…dog seems to enjoy the food more now

Superb super Feedy

My dog lolly loves it can freeze two sides of lickimat and a slow feed for kibble great product and easy to carry around and suction cup on the bottom

Durable and right size for our dog

Our Rottweiler was always in a rush during meal times, but not anymore. We’ve tried several slow feeders. The Super Feedy bowl's puzzle design keeps him engaged and eating at a healthier pace. It's sturdy, easy to clean, and just the right size for his big appetite.

Finally a slow feeder that works!

The Super Feedy has changed meal times for my Max. He used to gobble down his food, but now, he takes a good 15 minutes, savouring every bite. The suction cup non-slip base is a lifesaver, keeping the bowl in place no matter how enthusiastically he eats!

Game Changer

I was skeptical at first, but the Super Feedy bowl has been a game-changer for our Dalmatian, Spotty. He used to eat so fast and often had digestive issues. Now, his eating is much slower, and he seems to enjoy his meals more.

Smart design

Our Labrador, Bella, loves her Super Feedy bowl! It's slowed her eating down considerably, reducing her risk of bloat. The high sides are perfect for her raw diet, and the suction cups keep the bowl from sliding. It's been an excellent investment for her health.

We’ve tried other slow feeders, this is great!

I never thought a bowl could make such a difference, but the Super Feedy has proven me wrong. Our Golden Retriever now takes her time eating, and it's helped her digestion a lot. The design is genius, especially the lick mat lid feature for adding treats or yogurt and travelling.

Slow mealtimes for Thor

I'm impressed with the Super Feedy bowl's quality and functionality. Our Mastiff used to inhale his food, but this bowl has encouraged him to eat slower and more deliberately without frustration. It's sturdy, easy to clean, and the perfect size for his large portions.

Perfect for our big dog

I highly recommend the Super Feedy bowl for any large breed dog. Our St. Bernard, Hugo, has a much healthier eating pace now. The bowl is spacious and easy to clean, and the anti-slip feature is fantastic. It's made mealtimes much more enjoyable for both Hugo and us.

Great Value, highly recommend

This slow bowl is a must-have for any dog owner. Our Shepherd has shown significant improvement in his eating habits. The bowl's design slows him down and provides a fun challenge during meal times. Cleaning is a breeze, and the durability is top-notch.

A Game-Changer for Mealtime

I recently received the dog slow feeder and it's been an absolute game-changer for my pet's mealtime. This fantastic product is thoughtfully designed to encourage slower eating, which has greatly aided my dog's digestion and overall health. The quality is top-notch, durable enough to withstand the enthusiastic feeding habits of my furry friend. It's also incredibly easy to clean, which is a huge plus for me. I've noticed a significant reduction in the gulping of food since we started using it, meaning less risk of bloating or discomfort for my dog. I can't recommend this slow feeder enough – it's a simple yet effective solution for pets that tend to eat too quickly. A definite must-have for pet owners!

Thanks Guys,

Williams Landing

SuperFeedy Prize

Tonka won the Dogs Queensland Christmas 2023 Photo competition and received a great prize the Ultimate 4 IN 1 SuperFeedy (Marley Slowappy Feeder) 🐶👅🐾🐾😍
It has a slow feeder bowl, reversible Lick Mat 2 different patterns and I love the release tab fuction on the bottom suction cup and also spill free for travel.
Thank you 😀 Tonka and Gus are both sharing the enjoyment at feed time 💕

Very good slow feed bowl

We have used a range of slow feeders, many more attractive than Super Feedy. But the dogs engage with it, and the space between raised sections makes it easier to put food in and to get a regular brush in for cleaning. None of our dogs have more than 3 cups of food in one go, so we wish they were smaller. However they stack easily which makes carrying a few bowls easier, and having the lick mat as a lid for packing food for trips is a great idea. We have one dog who is not interested in food and needs all night to eat a bowl. We gave him a super feedy to engage him in hunting for the food and be able to access it pretty easily, and aince then he has put on weight and his bowl is close to empty each morning.

Love It

The Super Feedy bowls are fantastic we now have six. We use 3 in the house and got 3 more so have permanently in our Motorhome. The design is great because we feed raw which is wetter than kibble but with the high sides there are no leakages or spills. Also the suction cups on the bottom stop the bowls being pushed all around the floor. I love them and they slow 3 Labrador inhalers down reducing their chance of getting bloat so instead of taking 30 seconds to eat their dinner it takes them 8 minutes.

25 minutes of worthwhile frustration!

The aim of this purchase was to slow our Golden Retriever Rupert down…in a “normal” bowl the average eat time was less than 60 seconds…and then he’d raid his sister’s bowl (who is a slow eater…and wouldn’t resist him stealing her food). Now breakfast takes about 25 minutes as he works his way into every corner! No need to clean in the dishwasher…it’s immaculate after his done. Well worth the investment.

Our favourite slow feeder bowl!

Definitely slows down our boy Bruce from guzzling his meals. With other slow feeders he typically finishes his food within a few minutes but with the Superfeedy bowl because of the depth of the bowl, he now takes 8-10 minutes! We also love how the bottom of the bowl has a suction cup to prevent the bowl sliding around on the floor! It's very clever and I honestly can't fault it :)

From rocket launcher to slow and steady tortoise.

From pups that don’t take a breath gobbling down their dinner to taking time and using their brain to figure out how to get each piece of food. It’s a winner all round; some extra enrichment for the pups with no extra effort for the humans!