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The Slow Feeder Dog Bowl - Reimagined.

Living with a sick dog after a meal is no fun. Our two doggo's, Marley and Belle, both like to eat fast! So, we know exactly what it's like to live with a dog in pain and discomfort after eating. As responsible pet parents,we know that you want to do everything to help.

Introducing the Ultimate, Versatile 4-in-1 Slow Feeder Dog Bowl! We're excited this vet approved & endorsed new slow feeder dog bowl combines modern design with innovative functionality. It's more than just a slow feeder.

A slow feeder dog bowl that naturally slows your dog down at chow time, as well as a reversible lick mat so your pet can enjoy a variety of delicious foods like purees, stews, or wet food. A slow feeder bowl for dog food recipes that doubles as a dog-friendly travel bowl & dog food container for your canine adventures. Your dog will have a happier, healthier mealtime experience giving you peace of mind.

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Super Feedy Dog Bowl

Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Our patent vet approved & endorsed slow feeder dog bowl has different levels of difficulty to challenge fast eaters and keep them engaged throughout the meal.

With a 10-cup capacity, the slow feeder dog bowl's innovative suction cup design ensures that it won't slip and slide during meals. A better alternative at mealtime.

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Reversible Dog Lick Mat

The slow feeder dog bowl comes with a reversible dog lick mat. This allows you to use the bowl or lick mat to serve dog food recipes, or feed two different dogs.

The double textured surface of the dog lick mat helps keep your dog entertained and engaged with her food, so she won’t be tempted to gobble it all down at once. Smear wet food, plain yogurt, pureed fruits, soft healthy treats, or peanut butter on the mat for slow indulgent chow time!

Super Feedy 4 in one bowl product image

Food Prep/ Dog Food Container

This is more than just a slow feeder dog bowl, it can be used as a food prep bowl and dog food container as well!

The innovative vet endorsed design makes it easy to prepare your dog's meals without stress, and the durable recycled plastic BPA-free material construction means your bowl will last through even the roughest mealtime shenanigans.

Super Feedy 4 in one bowl product image

Travel Dog Bowl

If your dog eats too fast, a typical dog travel bowl won't help him slow down. But our innovative slow feeder dog bowl is perfect for on-the-go feeding whenever you're out for a picnic, camping or weekends away.

Your pup will always have time to eat their meals slowly and healthily, no matter where you are!

Important Note: For Brachycephalic Breeds

This slow feeder bowl would appeal to a wide range of dogs, but it would not be suitable for Brachycephalic breeds (flat-faced dogs)such as Pugs, Boxers, Boston Terriers, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Cane Corsos, French Bulldogs, Japanese Chins, Lhasa Apsos, Pekinese, Shih Tzus, and Bulldogs. 


  • An innovative vet approved slow feeder bowl that naturally slows your dog down at chow time
  • Huge 10 cup capacity
  • You can feed two dogs at the same time and they can alternate between the bowl and the lick mat
  • One size feeds all for a range of dogs small, medium and large
  • Versatile for wet, dry, and raw food diets, soft treats, purees, and stews
  • Stay put design with a suction cup base
  • Easily washable and dishwasher safe
  • Recycled BPA Free plastic & premium food grade silicone
  • Travel Friendly portable for-on-the-go feeding on your canine adventures.
  • Modern Design Innovative functionality, it's more than a slow feeder dog bowl.

Aussie Design Innovation

Made with Love - To Serve Goodness



Super Feedy Slow Dog Feeder

The Best Versatile Slow Feeder Dog Bowl You'll Ever Buy


The one-of-kind slow feeder for dogs, plus the confidence of a healthier mealtime and a happier pup!

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