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Changing The Way Dogs Eat For Good!

We're a start-up brand changing the way dogs eat out of a slow feeder for good. At Super Feedy, we believe healthy eating habits are integral to dogs living longer, happier lives. Our doggos, Marley & Belle, are speed eaters too! We know what it's like to live with a dog in pain and discomfort after meals. It's no fun for anyone. Introducing the Multi-Use Slow Feeder Bowl and Lick Mat that naturally slows down your dog at meal time and is versatile for wet, dry & raw foods, stews, peanut butter and purees. With this bowl's reversible mat/lid, you can also prep and store your dogs food, or use it to transport food for on the go feeding. Join the waitlist to get an exclusive 30% discount only available to early birds when we launch April 2022. We will never spam you. Pinky swear!



Slow Feeder

Feed Your Dog Better & Healthier

Slow Feeder

Our patent slow feeder bowl has different levels of difficulty to challenge fast eaters and keep them engaged throughout the meal. With a 10 cup capacity, the bowl's innovative suction cup design ensures that it won't slip and slide during meals. A better alternative at meal time.

Food prep/ storage bowl

Super Feedy is more than just a slow feeder, it can be used as a food prep bowl and a storage bowl as well! The innovative design makes it easy to prepare your dog's meals without stress, and the durable recycled plastic BPA-free material construction means your bowl will last through even the roughest mealtime shenanigans.

Reversible Lick Mat

The slow feeder dog bowl comes with a reversible lick mat. This allows you to use the bowl or lick mat for food and treat-based meals, or for two different dogs. The double textured surface of the lick mat helps keep your dog entertained and engaged with her food, so she won’t be tempted to gobble it all down at once. Smear wet food, plain yogurt, pureed fruits, soft healthy treats, or peanut butter on the mat for slow indulgent chow time!

Travel Bowl

If your dog eats too fast, a typical dog travel bowl won't help him slow down. But our innovative slow-feeder dog bowl is perfect for on-the-go feeding whenever you're out for a picnic, camping or weekends away. Your pup will always have time to eat his meals slowly and healthily, no matter where you are!

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You & Your Dog Will Love It | Super-feedy

You & Your Dog Will Love It


Dog Parents Love Super Feedy!

I love the quality and the design of this product! It's so simple and yet so effective. I wish I had this Slow Feeder Dog Bowl years ago. My dog was always choking and swallowing his food too fast while eating. This Slow Feeder Dog Bowl has totally solved that problem!

Debbie, Williamstown, Melbourne

My dog is a rescue and had never been properly trained. I tried this bowl to slow him down while he eats and to encourage chewing his food rather than gulping it down. The bowl works great for both! I thought the mat would be difficult to clean, but it washes easily in the dishwasher, so that is a plus.

Madi, Bells Beach, Melbourne

My dog loves this contraption! The first day we used it I left work later than usual, so by the time I got home the lick mat was soaking wet and my dog had already eaten her meal. We decided to reverse the mat for her next meal and she was very interested in it and took a long time to finish her food. Very cool product!

Paul & Jennifer T - Hawthorn, Melbourne

The massive capacity allows me to create chef like meals with enough space. I recommend it to anyone who has a dog who inhales food. My dog has fun foraging for food and getting every last piece of food out of the feeder. This feeder has engaged my dog to eat confidently and comfortably slower at mealtimes.

Sharon, Altona, Melbourne

Super Fed. Super Happy. Super Well.

With our one-of-kind slow feeder, your dog will have a happier, healthier mealtime experience giving you peace of mind.


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