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Based on 209 reviews
Wonderful Bowl

Love this bowl! So convenient to have a bowl that we can store fresh and raw meal prep in, take out and about with us and that provides different serving options. The reversible lick mats are fantastic, they are the only brand that we've used with our dogs that doesn't require ages of excess scrubbing after to meals to remove leftover food particles and wasted supplements - the dogs are able to lick every inch clean. The slow feeder bowl provides enough of a challenge for our keen puzzler while ensuring the meal lasts without frustration. The suction cup is a wonderful addition as we no longer have a bowl slipping, sliding and clanging all over the floors during meal times.

Great product for slow eaters too!

Our 2 dogs eat slow but when we saw this bowl we got one for the other features! The suction cup keeps it in place even on our wavy ceramic tiles so no more food bowl moving to the lounge! The lick mat is fantastic and when we go away for a few days it's so easy to snap it shut and take it away, same bowl with no smells in the car!
We love it and so do our pups! Thanks Superfeedy!

Its amazing and a wonder for my dogs!

Does the job for my corgi who tends to inhale his food. Have been trying this one for several days now and works great! Makes my dog actually chew his food and slows down his eating habit. It has more space than other slowfeeders so my dog cant easily push all in one corner like he normally does. And the lickymat is great! Big enough for my dogs so they can share. Highly recommend.

Absolute Game Changer!!! Multi use feeder and a perfect enrichment ❤️

I was super excited upon seeing the ad for pre-ordering the Super Feedy bowl but due to the price was a bit hesitant.
After a very long wait finally getting the item, the wait and price made sense.
Absolutely love the quality of the bowl and the lid which is double sided with different patterns lick mat. The bowl is huge enough to 1.2kg of food for my baby beasty without needing to cramp anything and still enough space for more. The lid is really good quality, microwave safe to make a quick omelette or freeze mince or broth so a lasting treat.
Everything is easy to clean and dishwasher safe so that's definitely extra points.
This is my beasty's first ever slow feeder, he doesn't inhale his food but rather just to teach him to take his time to enjoy and for enrichment purpose. From day one he has enjoyed the lid licki mat and the bowl hence why absolutely highly recommend for any pup. I'm definitely going to be purchasing a second Super Feedy bowl to make it easier for meal propping.
Thanks for the amazing product, looking forward to more future products to make feeding/enrichment times more fun and efficient.

Amazing product

Great product that works! I used to have a lot of spills, but since Super Feedy is so solid, it doesn't move any more. Highly recommend.

Simple solution that works!

I would recommend this product to my clients, friends and family because it is a simple solution for a common problem. It is easy to clean, well made and is reasonably priced.

Very impressed with the slow feeder

I have to say, I was impressed. I had tried other slow feeders for my very picky and aggressive eater dog but this one is truly the best one on the market. It does exactly what it claims it does and you can feel confident that your dog will not be able to tip this bowl over.

One of the better slow feeders on the market!

I have a 1 year old rescue dog who is very energetic and very hungry at meal time. This bowl took her about 10 minutes to eat her meal (from an average of 1 minute) which was great for helping her slow down and stop gorging herself. Highly recommend.

Stops my dog from throwing up, we love it

My dogs would eat so fast that they would throw up. This bowl has completely solved this problem!

Slow my dog down without the frustration

I have a German Shepherd named Murphy who is an aggressive eater. And this bowl has helped him to slow down and not inhale his food.

Game changer! Thanks Super Feedy

I think it is the best product on the market!

Quality build and sturdy

I was having a hard time getting my English Mastiff Riley to slow down when eating and this bowl has been perfect for this. I am also impressed with the quality of the bowl, it is very well made and sturdy.

This is a life saver for our dog

I'm really impressed with this product. I have two dogs (Weimaraner & Golden Retriever), and one of them is quite a fast eater. He can inhale his food in less than 30 seconds, which is making him throw up after almost every meal. We've tried everything to slow him down, but nothing worked. This bowl has been amazing! He takes his time eating his food, and as a result, he isn't throwing up so much anymore. This bowl has been a lifesaver!

Just does what it says - quality slow feeder

My dog loves food and he used to inhale his meal in seconds. That's why I got this slow feeder for him. It works like a charm, he has to work for his meal now, so it slowed down his eating. Love the double sided Licki mat too.

One of the better slow feeders we’ve tried

We have purchased several slow feeder bowls over the years for our dogs - Aussie Shepherd and Labrador. This is by far the best one we have tried. The suction cup base is strong and prevents the bowl from sliding across the floor. My dog tends to push her food bowl around when she eats because she is so excited and will often eat too fast without realising how much she has eaten. We are fans of Super Feedy. Great product!

Takes the stress out of mealtimes, highly recommend.

Our Great Dane Milo has eaten out of this bowl for a month now and we are very pleased with the results, she is eating her meals much slower than before and it is a lot less stressful mealtime for us.

Head and shoulders above other slow feeder brands

We received a slow feeder bowl for our dogs (Piper and Mia) and we love it! We've tried several brands to keep our dogs from eating too fast and ending up with a stomach ache. This one is the best so far. It is constructed well and the suction cup is strong! The design is simple and the bowl itself is very large which will allow our dogs to enjoy all their meals without being distracted by those around them who are eating faster than they can.

Love this product

I love this product! I have a 3 year old German Shepherd and a 1 year old Rottweiler. They are large dogs and eat like they are starved when they get food which can lead to vomiting. This bowl has been a game changer for us. We had tried other bowls that claimed to slow the dogs down but they don’t work effectively and are so cheaply made.

Worth the investment. Only slow feeder you’ll need!

I was hesitant about spending the money on an expensive slow feeder bowl that my dog ended up not even liking and just playing with. This bowl is made of high quality materials and has a nice weight to it. The bowl is the perfect size for my two dogs. My older dog no longer eats her food in under 1 minute and I'm sure this will help keep her healthy. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a slow feeder bowl.

NO more inhaling food at our house!

The bowl works! My rescue dog usually inhales his food, but now he has to take about 10 minutes to eat. I recommend it to anyone with a dog that gulps their food down.

This is a godsend! Thank you Super Feedy.

We've been using the slow feeder dog bowl because my dog was throwing up all the time. It's been a couple of months now and he has not thrown up once. He seems to like it too. Works great, highly recommend for your peace of mind.

This has given us peace of mind at mealtime

My dog used to get sick all the time. It was really disgusting, and I was tired of having to clean up after him. But then my friend recommended Super Feedy slow feeder dog bowl. And once I bought that, it solved all my problems! The thing keeps his food in one place, and he doesn't throw up anymore. It's wonderful!

Not flimsy like the ones on Amazon

As a dog owner, I understand the importance of providing stimulation for our furry friends. The Super Feedy Slow Feeder Dog Bowl does just that, and it's a premium slow feeder that is not flimsy. Great buy, work for my lab.

Great product, worth it!

I was hesitant to invest in a slow feeder for my dog, but I'm so glad I did. The bowl is a premium product that is not only challenging for my dog but also versatile. I love that it can be used with different types of food and it's not flimsy at all.

We love the versatility

The Super Feedy Bowl is a must-have for any pet owner. Not only does it provide stimulation for dogs, but it is also incredibly versatile. It can be used with dry or wet food, and it's durable enough to withstand even the most enthusiastic eaters. Thank you for giving this to us to test and keep. Great product! We've already recommended it to friends.