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River loves his super feedy bowl!

I am so impressed at the amazing quality of Super Feedy. Not to mention how much easier it is to add some yummy extras into his meals because of the depth and size of the bowl. It significantly slows my german shepherd down during meal times and ultimately then reduces risk of bloat and other digestive issues.

Best bowl ever

aside from its multi-use, the suction cup on the bottom is perfect for my dog who drags his bowl around trying to get every last drop! This bowl is so easy to wash in the dishwasher, and its nice and big which i love!

Meal times made so much easier

We LOVE our super feedy. Our border collie is taking his time when eating now which helps him out so much.
The licky mat lid is large enough to add a decent sized amount of meat/ yogurt etc.
the colour we got was warm red and turquoise and it’s a pretty colour combo. The suction cup base is genius land actually works.

Great Large Slow Feeder

I have a Bernese Mountain Dog that eats 4.5 cups a day, so this slow feeder can actually hold all the food that she needs. Pretty durable and easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Finally a bowl that works!

If you have a speed eater this is the bowl for you my doggo went from 14 seconds of eating to about 10 minutes, good quality and durable definitely recommend. Love the lick mat too, so many options now especially when travelling.

Tilly loves it

My sweet girl acts like she doesn’t ever eat, so when feeding time comes she inhales her food down. Then, she started coughing, which is worrying because she ate too fast. So I bought this for her, there are cheaper options out there that we tried and it doesn’t work. This bowl is a game changer! She’s calmer and takes her time. It’s sturdy and easy to clean.

Engaging bowl

My dog definitely loves it and it definitely helps him eat slower. Definitely worth it.

Slows my dog down

Significantly slows my pup down. He usually eats his dinner in approx. 30 seconds! With this bowl, it takes him more than 5 minutes, which is much better. Highly Recommend.

Love the bowl and suction cup

Good, sturdy quality and does not slide across the floor when my dog eats thanks to the suction cup. Great product, does not frustrate my dog.

Ideal Size and Depth for Raw Food

As a raw feeder to my two large Labradors, finding a bowl that was big enough and deep enough was challenging. Super Feedy's design is just right for serving raw meals. It's spacious and deep, making it mess-free with the suction cup and enjoyable for my dogs. Peace of mind in our house. We love this bowl!

Perfect for Weekend Trips

I often take my Golden Retriever on weekend getaways, and the Super Bowl has been a lifesaver. It's versatile enough for different feeding situations, and I don't worry about him eating too fast when we're on the road. It's easy to pack and doesn't take up much space.

Worth Every Penny

I've tried several slow feeders for my Golden Retriever, but this slow feeder stands out. The price is a bit higher than others, but the value is unbeatable, especially the double-sided licki mat. It's durable and effectively slows down my dog's eating. A great investment for his health!

Game Changer for My Gobbler

My beagle used to gobble her food in seconds, but the Super Feedy 4-in-1 has really helped. She enjoys mealtime more, and it's fun watching her figure out how to get to her food.

Happy Pup, Happy Life

Ever since I got the feeder, my energetic Labrador has been eating more slowly, which is great for his digestion. It's also super easy to clean, which is a plus for me!

Super Feedy

We've tried the Super Feedy 4 in 1 over the last few months and Badger loves the feeding tray however I feel it's too large for a single meal. The lickmat is one of our favourites though, it's super thick and sturdy which makes meal prep easy and less likely he'll ever destroy it! So many awesome options with this 4 in 1 feeder!

Perfectly Sized for Growing Dogs

My Rottweiler/German Shepherd mix used to finish her meals in mere seconds. While a smaller bowl sufficed during her puppy days, we needed an upgrade as she grew. This bowl is perfect, extending her mealtime to a more reasonable 5-7 minutes. Highly satisfied with the purchase.

Ideal for Enthusiastic Pups

Got this for my Labrador puppy who's always been overly excited about her meals, often leading to an upset tummy. This bowl ensures she eats at a steady pace, helping her digestion. Plus, it's versatile and big enough for treats and our BARF diet incl. veggies, making snack time a playful experience.

A Must-Have for dog that loves to vacuum

Our Husky pup had a habit of eating so quickly that he'd sometimes choke. This bowl has significantly reduced his eating speed. If you have a fast-eating dog, this bowl is a top recommendation!

A Fun Challenge for Speedy Eaters

Our senior dog used to gobble up her food in seconds. This bowl not only moderates her eating speed but also turns mealtime into an engaging activity. It's durable, well-made, and a quality addition to our pet supplies.

A Lifesaver for Eager Eaters

My Golden Retriever has an insatiable appetite, eating anything and everything in sight. But this bowl has been a revelation. It's been a challenge to regulate his eating speed, but this bowl does the trick. He now eats at a leisurely pace, reducing instances of vomiting from vacuuming food. He's more content during meal times, savouring each bite. This bowl is worth every penny.

Travel Easy with This Dog Bowl!

We love the Super Feedy slow feeder bowl for trips. It's great for feeding my dog when we're out hiking, camping, or visiting family. This bowl is easy to bring along and really helps at meal times. Can't wait to see it in more colours. It's a great bowl!

Durable and it works

As a dog owner, I've found the Super Feedy Dog Bowl and licky mat to be a fantastic investment. Its strong build stands up to daily use, unlike cheap ones I’ve purchased from Bunnings, making it perfect for my energetic Doberman. Impressively, it shows little to no signs of wear and tear, even after months of use. The non-slip suction cup base is a lifesaver no more tipping bowls. For anyone looking for a slow feeder that's both practical and long-lasting, the Super Feedy is a great choice. Easily a 5-star product in my experience!

Slow Down Your Speedy Eater!

Got a speedy eater? This bowl changed things for my dog. Before, my pup finished food in 10 seconds. Now? About 10 minutes! The bowl is strong, great concept and quality design. Definitely recommend.

Effective Slow Feeder Bowl Delivers as Promised!

The Super Feedy slow-feeder dog bowl truly stands out with its innovative design. I was initially apprehensive about how my dog would adapt, but she enjoyed her meal and chewed her food more thoroughly. The genius addition of the suction cup ensures she can't tip the bowl over, adding to its effectiveness. I stayed beside her, showering her with praise and encouragement. Monitoring your dog during meals is always wise, but this bowl offers an extra layer of assurance. Given its features and the health advantages it brings, it's undoubtedly worth every penny. Highly recommend.

Marshall Gibson

Marshall is a 14 year old Jack Russell/Border Collie who has always "inhaled food" . The Marley Slowappy Feeder has engaged him to slow down and enjoy his food at mealtime.The biggest advantage that has made me extremely happy is the difference it has made to the energy he now has regained,on our daily walks.Definitely amazing!! Thank you MS Feeder - much appreciated