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Lick mats for dogs: what you need to know.

We've been using Super Feedy reversible lick mats for our two dogs to control their eating and reduce their anxiety. They both suffer from mild separation anxiety, which is less of an issue now that they're getting older, but we never miss an opportunity to keep them occupied when we're away.

Lick mats: what are they?

Lick mats are flat mats, often made from silicone, with patterns that hold food for your dog to lick over and over. They're usually coated with ridges or bristles that encourage licks.

Because they're flat, dogs cannot grasp their food with their paws and must use their tongues instead. As a result, it usually requires them much longer to finish eating all the food or tasty treats.

You can mix wet food, soft food puree pumpkin, dry food, liquid foods like yogurt or any other spreadable treats (dog safe), raw foods, and canned dog food on a lick mat. Be sure to mix things up with dry and wet dog food and try different pureed vegetables to keep your dog's diet interesting.

It is through the textured surfaces and patterns that food is locked in, so your dog actively licks it instead of chomping and gobbling like he usually would.

There are many more benefits to using a lick mat than we've explored. We'll look at some of these now.

How does a lick mat benefit my dog, and when should I use one?

Border Collie loves the Super Feedy Reversible Lick Mat

As pet parents, a lick mat can be used in many different ways, each with its own benefits!

Calming: The lick mat is a wonderful way to distract your dog from an unpleasant experience. When used in a moderately stressful environment, such as leaving the house, having visitors, or nail trimming, it helps redirect your dog's attention away from negative stimuli or stressful times.

Mental Enrichment- It beats boredom and enrichens your dog's lifestyle: Most Lick mats have be­en created to provide a fun and stimu­lating activity for your dog. This mental stimulation is just what your dog may need to reduce destructive behaviour.

Kelpie dog enjoys the Super Feedy Reversible Lick Mat

A Slow Feeder for Dogs - the longer your dog takes to chew his meal, the easier it is for him to digest it. Chewing slows down the rate at which he eats so that his stomach doesn't get too full. A lick mat encourages saliva production, which breaks down the meat and speeds up digestion.

Supports Oral Health: The grooves and soft bristles on a lick mat scrape your dog's tongue, cleaning it and removing debris and bacteria. The licking action and the creation of saliva keep gums and teeth healthy. This ultimately improves your dog's oral health.

How to clean your lick mat?

Belle loves the Super Feedy Reversible Lick Mat

Most licks mats are dishwasher safe; some may need handwashing. Use a sponge and dishwashing soap, or simply wash them off with hot, soapy water if they've been coated with a sticky substance such as peanut butter.

Lick mats are usually made from silicone or natural rubber, making them safe for humans and pets. However, you should always supervise your pet whenever they use one. Some pets may get bored with licking the mat and start chewing it instead.

What foods are best for lick mats?

Super Feedy Reversible Lick Mat Recipes

You can choose from a wide variety of spreads and treats using a spoon. There are lots of healthy treats you can put on, spreadable dog treats including regular peanut butter(xylitol free) and explore spreading your dog's raw food on the lick mat to mix it up at mealtime.

  • Wet food
  • Yoghurt
  • Minced meat
  • Peanut butter
  • Canned dog food
  • Canned fish (sardines, salmon)
  • Pureed vegetables (pumpkin, sweet potatoes, carrots)
  • Dry dog food (soak kibbles in water and mix with a wet food)
  • Bone broth
  • Liquid dog foods
  • Commercial dog foods

You can also put your mat in the freezer if you want a more extended lick to savour a lasting treat. Great for summertime homemade frozen pet treats. Download our free lick mat recipes here.

Changing The Way Dogs Eat for Good!

As responsible pet parents, we know that you want to do everything to help. Living with a sick dog after a meal is no fun. Our two doggos, Marley and Belle, both like to eat fast! So we know exactly what it's like to live with a dog in pain and discomfort after eating.

We are introducing the Ultimate, Versatile 4-in-1 Slow Feeder Dog Bowl! We're excited this new slow feeder dog bowl combines modern design with innovative functionality. It's more than just a slow feeder. A slow feeder bowl that naturally slows your dog down at chow time, as well as a reversible lick mat so your pet can enjoy a variety of delicious foods like purees, stews, or wet food. An excellent bowl for easy delicious food prep and storage doubles as a dog-friendly travel bowl for your canine adventures.

Your dog will have a happier, healthier mealtime experience giving you peace of mind.

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