Meet the Pack

We are so grateful to have had the support of a community of dog owners and their beloved pets in Melbourne as we developed our slow-feeder dog bowl. These amazing dogs and their owners have played a crucial role in shaping the story of Super Feedy and helping us create a product that truly makes a difference in the lives of dogs and their owners. Through close collaboration and continuous testing and validation, we have perfected the design and functionality of our Super Feedy Slow Feeder Dog Bowl.

Allow us to introduce you to the pack:

MARLEY – Cocker Spaniel

With big brown eyes and a larger-than-life personality, Marley the Cocker Spaniel thinks her name is 'good girl' - and that she is, most of the time! Behind those deceptively cute puppy eyes, she loves destroying tv remotes, rolling around in poop and 'gardening' (digging holes).

Outgoing, fearless, and happy-go-lucky, she would always eat quickly so that she'd get a chance to steal some of Belle's food too!

BELLE – Labrador Retriever

She's the OG! This beautiful 7-year-old Chocolate Labrador was relaxed and calm until you knocked on the door!

Previously part of the dynamic duo of competitive speed eating, she was always up for a fast feast. These days she likes to sleep on the couch and swim.

She loves playing tug with Marleyand chasing the vacuum cleaner in her spare time. 

MOOSE – Bullmastiff

Meet Moose, the Bullmastiff who ate like it was his job. With puppy siblings around, he was a speed-eating machine, inhaling his food in less than 30 seconds.

But with Super Feedy Slow Feeder Bowl, Moose is learning to slow down and savour his meals. Now, mealtimes for Moose are a whole new experience. He's no longer wolfing down his foodlike it's going out of style. Instead, he's discovering the joy of slow, mindful eating - and his tummy thanks him for it.

MONCHI – Border Collie

He would have won a gold medal if 'speed eating' was an Olympic sport. Monchi is a gorgeous show dog by day, and he's dangerously friendly.

He loves play-dates with Marley and likes getting into cars with people he doesn't know. At home, he loves playing chase with his duck sibling, Ninja.

MAX – Cocker Spaniel

Max is a fan favourite. There's no slowing down for this 13-year-old Cocker Spaniel. Max has been testing the products from the beginning and is always up for some food in the name of research.

He likes begging at dinner and spending time at the nearest dog treats shop in his free time.

FLICK – Golden Retriever

We're so proud of Flick. She's a retired Seeing Eye Dog breeder who has made a significant contribution to her community.

The star of the pack, retirement means slow, indulgent meals, treats, long walks and lounging in the park.
In her spare time, she enjoys eating fast because food tastes so darn good, and she's always hungry for more. 

BINGO – Blue Heeler

Bingo is a sweet, calm rescue dog from Country Victoriawho loves to snuggle and play. She's always happy to meet new people and other dogs, but you'll never see her being aggressive or mean—she just wants everyone to be friends!
Except for mealtime.

Then she gets really competitive and wants to win the race for food.

HANA - Golden Retriever Spaniel Cross

Hana is such a sweetheart, so calm, relaxed and very lady like.

She loves being around people and other dogs alike. She doesn't mind being held or sitting on laps for long periods of time (as long as there are plenty of treats involved).

Living with her big brother Monchi has turned her into a speed eater too, but she is learning to slow down at mealtime.

NEO - Kelpie

I'm Neo, and I'm young, energetic, and I like to have fun. In addition to chewing on everything I see, I enjoy playing with other dogs and taking walks around the neighborhood.

The thing I love most in the world is food-I'm always trying to eat as quickly as possible so that I can get back out there and explore.

I'm learning how to savour every bite to keep my body healthy.

FELIX - Corgi

Meet Felix the royal Corgi! This little guy is a runner, loves playing fetch at the park, and will run for days playing fetch if you let him.

He's also a cuddle-bug who loves exploring new places with his fur parents. There's no slowing this pup down!

Being the youngest of three other fur siblings has given Felix a lot of energy—so much so that he's always competitive at mealtime.

Hairy Hounds Playground dog logo and images of dogs testing Super Feedy Slow Feeder Bowls

Hairy Hounds Playground

We are incredibly grateful to Hairy Hounds Playground, an innovative and specialised doggy day-care centre based in Melbourne, Australia, for letting their pups be our first furry focus group. Their feedback on our prototypes of "bark", "woof" and "snuffle" was invaluable.

Thank you for all your help.

Super Feeder Founder Ryan