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A dog's hearing is much better than ours. A dog can hear sounds we can't even hear. For example, dogs can hear high frequencies that we can't hear. They can also hear low frequencies that we can't hear. This makes it easier for them to communicate with each other.
Depending on where the foreign object is located within the digestive tract, its position may cause different symptoms. Contact your veterinarian immediately if you think your dog ate something foreign. Your local vet or emergency vet can help you decide the best way to remove the item from their system.

In spite of their true age, your dog can become a senior dog when they begin to show signs of age-related health issues. Ten common health problems in senior dogs include deafness and blindness caused by tissue degeneration in the eyes and ears. A regular wellness check every six months is the best thing you can do for your aging pup to ensure he is free of these common health issues and lives a healthy life.

As pet parents, the dog you love is not a cow, so you may be confused when you see them eating grass. You might even be concerned. Do they seem hungry? Feeling bored? Feeling sick? Can they get sick from eating grass?
With the pace of life so hectic, your dog's physical activity often gets overlooked, especially if he's not an energetic dog. It is thought that chronic overfeeding is one of the most significant contributors to overweight dogs, while lack of exercise also plays a role.
It is possible to feed dogs a variety of healthy human foods. Here are some fruit and vegetable options that are safe to give to your dog. The fruits and vegetables listed below are grouped into three categories for easy reference to determine which fruits and vegetables are safe for your dog.
This versatile, four-in-one slow-feeder dog bowl offers pet parents and their dogs a better, healthier, and happier mealtime experience. This innovative Australian design combines a slow feeder bowl with a reversible lick mat that doubles as the lid for food prep and a travel dog bowl.
Just like you, your dog needs a variety of activities to keep him happy and healthy. To keep your dog stimulated and engaged, you must find the right balance between physical and mental exercise. Here are some canine enrichment ideas to try out with your pup.
Using a slow feeder dog bowl to prevent dog bloat. We love our dogs for their speed around the dog park, but when it comes to mealtime, there are plenty of good reasons why they should eat slowly. Our furry friends may be at risk if they inhale their food in a blink of an eye. A slow Feeder dog bowl can help fix this.
Here is an easy recipe for homemade chicken jerky I prefer to make these popular homemade dog treats for my dogs rather than purchase chicken jerky.
The most straightforward enrichment ideas are enough to slow down even the most voracious eaters. With these nine easy enrichment ideas, you can turn your two-second chomper into a 15-minute game.Our options have something for everyone.

Here are ten ideas to give your dog the best day ever. Arrange a play date! Join your friends and their dogs for a backyard romp! Don't keep your dog from spending time with his bestie. Go camping with them! Dogs and tents complement each other perfectly.