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The Super Feedy slow feeder bowl stands out for its innovative suction base design that ensures stability and prevents mess and spills during feeding. Even the smartest dogs won't be able to flip the bowl over, promoting healthy eating and reducing unwanted behavior. Check out the Super Feedy for a smarter and slower-paced feeding experience!

As a dog owner, I have spoken to many owners who haven't cleaned their dog's bowl. Ever. That's right...these dog owners never even thought to wash their dog's bowl. This was not a case of negligent pet owners. As typical dog owners, they didn't know any better.

This versatile, four-in-one slow-feeder dog bowl offers pet parents and their dogs a better, healthier, and happier mealtime experience. This innovative Australian design combines a slow feeder bowl with a reversible lick mat that doubles as the lid for food prep and a travel dog bowl.